North Charleston, S.C. — The day before the South Carolina Republican primary, a crowd of supporters gathered at the Team Trump state headquarters to hear Donald Trump Jr. speak.

As former President Donald Trump hosted a rally in Rock Hill, his son spoke to Trump campaign volunteers at smaller events in the South Carolina Lowcountry on Feb. 23.

“We need to go out there, we need to finish this thing off,” Trump Jr. told the crowd.

He accused Republican candidate Nikki Haley of trying to undermine the Republican party and called her a fake conservative.

Trump Jr. also criticized the Biden administration for failing to enact stricter border policies and said Republicans were “just as bad” for spending money on Ukraine.

Of the 45,000 Americans he asked at Trump events, he said, only one thought it was a top ten issue, and that person was from Ukraine.

“What does that get us? Well, it gets Nikki Haley a board seat at Boeing and probably Raytheon. A couple Americans will make a lot of money while mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s future,” he said.

Attendees said if Trump is re-elected, they’d want to see him do the same thing he did four years ago. They trust he will close the border and stop funding the war in Ukraine.

South Carolina resident Alex Smith, 27, said he supports Trump over other Republican candidates because he has the best shot at the presidency. “He’s been there, he’s proven himself,” Smith said. (Clare Zhang/MNS)


Todd Gerhart, who was selling honey outside the event, shows Trump Jr. one of the Trump-shaped bottles. The sign at his table reads, “Give the ‘Donald’ a squeeze.” (Clare Zhang/MNS)


Trump Jr. takes selfies with attendees as he leaves the headquarters. (Clare Zhang/MNS)