WASHINGTON — House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) held his first weekly press conference for the 118th congress Thursday morning addressing Rep. George Santos’ (R-NY) investigations, ethics complaints and several bills passed by House Republicans this week. 

The democratic leader said his party is focused on quality of life issues for all Americans, such as improving public safety and dealing with cost of living concerns.

“Let us do the business of the American people, focus on kitchen table, pocketbook issues, solve problems on their behalf, that is what House Democrats will continue to do,” Jeffries said. “I hope someday soon House Republicans will decide to join us.” 

He said Republicans have already begun to implement “an extreme Republican MAGA right-wing agenda,” noting several of the bills introduced and voted on during the first week of the new Congress.

The House voted on four key issues including two anti-abortion legislations and a bill condemning recent attacks on pro-life facilities, groups and churches. 

“They made it clear they will do anything possible to impose a nationwide ban on abortion, detonate reproductive freedom, legalize abortion care, and impose government mandated pregnancies on the American people,” Jeffries said.  

When Santos was brought up during the conference, Jeffries called him a fraud and unfit to serve in Congress, saying it is the responsibility of House Republicans to address his investigations and ethics complaints. 

“Clean up your house, and you can start with George Santos,” Jeffries told Republicans. 

Regarding the reports about classified documents found in President Biden’s private office and home dating back to his time as Vice President, Jeffiries said he has not been briefed on all the facts but the President has his full faith.

“I believe that he is doing everything to take the appropriate steps to determine what happened and how to move forward in a responsible fashion.” 

Jeffries spent the entirety of the press conference ensuring people know the difference in the House Democrat and Republican focus. He said the main difference is that Democrats are fighting for working families and not giving in to Republicans’ extreme MAGA agenda.