Tyler Gieleta, 17: I think he’s doing a great job. I would prefer a little less golf but overall...everything he’s saying he’s delivering on. (Caroline Vakil/MNS)Tom Pfeifer, 54 (left): He’s made a difference in the country, he’s not a career politician. He [Trump] comes in and boom - they’ve [Congress] been trying for thirty years for a tax cut and he comes in under a year - there’s your tax cut. I think they’re [Trump’s opposition] all just backing up now because they’re saying, “Oh my, there’s a guy who does what he says.” (Caroline Vakil/MNS)Tammy Hepps, 39 (right): He’s made this country more divided than ever. He seems completely divided from the values that truly made this country great. When he talks about making this country great - he talks about stripping away the very things that made this country the land of opportunity for people around the world. (Caroline Vakil/MNS)Stacey Vernallis, 58: Let’s take it for what it is. He’s dumped millions from health care, nine million children from the CHIP program, there’s millions losing - through the tax scam - losing their access to insurance, they’re Medicare and Medicaid cuts scheduled for the future. (Caroline Vakil/MNS)David Francis, 28: I think he’s doing very well considering the opposition he’s up against, so I think he’s done pretty much what he had to do so far. (Caroline Vakil/MNS)