Hundreds of volunteers, including furloughed federal workers, contributed about 1,500 shifts at World Central Kitchen’s D.C. location, according to the WCK website. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)The D.C. kitchen closed on Feb. 1 at noon. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)6,000 to 8,000 furloughed workers would wait outside of the kitchen daily to receive a hot meal. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)WCK partnered with more than 400 restaurants in 35 states across the nation. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)Chefs prepare meat for a BBQ Steak Sandwich with caramelized onions. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)Volunteers serve a vegan Italian bowl with kidney beans to accompany the BBQ sandwich. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)By the end of the 35-day shutdown, the center had provided 12,645 meal kits for workers to prepare at home, according to the WCK website. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)WCK’s D.C. Resource Center opened up next door to the kitchen in what was previously an upscale restaurant. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)Volunteers and patrons sign a poster thanking the WCK team and Chef José Andrés. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)The kitchen was located in ThinkFoodLab, a venue created by Andrés that rotates fast-casual food pop-ups. (Heena Srivastava/MNS)