DeVos stands with Rossero, Borrayo, and other students at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. (Nirmal Mulaikal/MNS)Local DC students discuss why musical and visual art is important to their lives and future goals. (Nirmal Mulaikal/MNS)Mya C. is one of 17 children selected across the United States and abroad to display their art at the 2019 VSA International Children's Art Exhibit. (Nirmal Mulaikal/MNS)Malik Claiborne, 11, is a local DC student who rapped at the opening of the exhibit as a featured performer and talked about his love for art. (Nirmal Mulaikal/MNS)Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Mario Rossero, senior vice president of education at The Kennedy Center, talk during the opening the of the exhibit. (Nirmal Mulaikal/MNS)