Multiple speakers expressed frustration with Congress. "Dreamers aren't bargaining chips," one yelled.  (Eric Miller/MNS)Make the Road, an immigrant advocacy group, wanted to keep DACA in focus following the government shutdown. (Eric Miller/MNS)Protesters came from across the country, including New York,  Pennsylvania and California. (Eric Miller/MNS)Yesenia Aguilar, a Pennsylvania resident and DACA recipient, held back tears as she discussed the future of the "dreamers." “I thought that they were going to actually do it and they still don’t have a solution for us,” she said. (Eric Miller/MNS)Aguilar also brought her daughter Denali to the protest. "I have my kids," said Aguilar, "so I need a solution ASAP." (Eric Miller/MNS)Protestors demanded Democratic leaders honor their commitments to the "dreamers." (Eric Miller/MNS)Emotions ran high at the protest. Congress has until March to pass legislation protecting the "dreamers." (Eric Miller/MNS)