The “dirt room” has been locked up by Principal Rachel Brunson for six years to limit the safety and health risks in the school. (Samantha Handler/MNS)In Maryland, the ACLU of Maryland and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund went to court two weeks ago to reopen a case against state leaders to improve the education quality of Baltimore schools. (Samantha Handler/MNS)Since 2004, 75 schools in Baltimore City Public Schools have closed due to the $3 billion maintenance backlog. (Samantha Handler/MNS)The Rebuild America’s Schools Act was introduced into Congress in late February and would provide over $100 billion to schools in low-income communities to rebuild infrastructure. (Samantha Handler/MNS)The school suffers from a myriad of infrastructural issues, including corrosion and flooding to stairs. (Samantha Handler/MNS)Eighty schools need of repairs in Baltimore City Public Schools for issues such as leaking pipes. (Samantha Handler/MNS)