WASHINGTON — On Mother’s Day, a coalition of black-led organizations protested Child Protective Services (CPS) during the Black Mothers March on the White House.

“It’s not CPS. It’s not child welfare. It is family policing,” said Amanda Wallace, co-chair of Operation Stop CPS. “It’s not your children were taken, nor they were removed. No, they were stolen, they were kidnapped.”

The protest, tied to African socialists, was meant to expose what the organizers believe to be a “continued genocide against African people” and a “systematic attack on black women and the black family by the U.S. government.” More than half of Black children – 53 percent – will face an investigation by child welfare services before they turn 18, compared to 28 percent of white children, the research found.

“I want to be able to wish you a happy Mother’s Day,” said Omali Yeshitela, the chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party. “But that’s what we are fighting for right here, so the African mothers can truly be happy.”

Here are images from the protest:

The march began with the organizers’ speeches on stage in Lafayette Square, in front of the White House. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

The audience was loudly supporting the speakers, with many shouting “Right!” and “Yes, sir!” (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

As the speeches are ending, organizers prepare banners for the march. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

Protestors demand justice for mothers of color and the abolition of CPS. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

Children are at the forefront of the march. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

Protesters chant, “If you refuse to live like this, let me see you raise your fist.” (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

In between the chants, protestors march to the drumbeat. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

The march goes around the President’s Park. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

Protestors chant, “When black mothers are under attack, what do we do? We will fight back!” (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

Rain doesn’t stop the call for action. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)

The march makes a circle and finishes in front of the White House. (Sophia Didinova/MEDILL NEWS SERVICE)