Alexandria, Va. — The 2024 presidential election is the first presidential rematch since 1956. 

Based on recent polling, few voters are excited about this. They describe feeling unmotivated to strongly support either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump

Marina Clark, who formerly served in the Air Force, voted on Super Tuesday in her home city of Alexandria, Va. She described that neither candidate is particularly compelling. 

“It’s been harder to align myself with the parties because it feels like I need to side with an extreme,” Clark said. 

Others like Tran Kim-Senior staunchly supported the Democratic party in the past but are now less enthusiastic.

“I was more energized during the Obama years, during that election. I think that was a very exciting cycle for everyone regardless of how you voted,” Kim-Senior said. “As a Democratic voter, I didn’t feel like there was much choice.” 

Polling from the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School indicated that fewer young Americans are planning on voting in November. The decline in enthusiasm and potential turnout causes low morale surrounding this presidential cycle. 

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