WASHINGTON — Republicans were ready with a forceful response to President Joe Biden‘s State of the Union address by having the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the Senate, Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama deliver a message of concern.

“Our commander-in-chief is not in command,” Britt said. “The free world deserves better than a dithering and diminished leader.”

Britt’s youth and background were aimed to project strong family values in direct contrast to the 81-year-old president. As a mother of two school-age children, she said she fears the American dream is disappearing for her children’s futures.

“The American family needs to have a tough conversation,” Britt said. “Because the truth is, we’re all worried about the future of our nation.”

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., said in an interview with Medill News Service before the address that Britt symbolizes a differing perspective of the party being a mother and one of six senators under the age of 45.

“She’s a hardworking person. She comes from a great state. I think she’ll do a great job,” Scott said.

Britt delivered her speech from her home in Montgomery, Ala., and raised skepticism about the president’s fitness and age.

“The country we know and love seems to be slipping away — it feels like the next generation will have fewer opportunities, and less freedom, than we did,” she said in her 17-minute address. “I worry my own children may not even get a shot at living their American dreams.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., said earlier this week that Britt is the only current conservative mother in the Senate.

Britt and Republican lawmakers continue to attack Biden’s re-election campaign and aim to mobilize other factions of the party.

After the rebuttal, social media critics, including conservatives, questioned Britt’s delivery and choice of anecdotes.

“I’m sure Katie Britt is a sweet mom and person, but this speech is not what we need,” Charlie Kirk, founder of the right-wing group Turning Point USA, wrote on Twitter. “Joe Biden just declared war on the American right and Katie Britt is talking like she’s hosting a cooking show.”

Former President Donald Trump, however, had strong praise for her. He wrote on his Truth Social platform that she “was compassionate and caring, especially concerning women and women’s Issues.”

There also have been mentions of Britt as a potential vice president candidate for Trump.

Britt’s comments hit on several of the issues that have driven Biden’s low poll numbers, including inflation and policies over the southern border.

As one of nine Republican women in the Senate, she was the third female in a row to deliver a response. Last year, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered the response, stating that Biden is “unwilling to defend our border, defend our skies and defend our people.”

“Mr. President, enough is enough,” Britt said. “Innocent Americans are dying and you only have yourself to steal your oath of office and reverse your policies in this crisis, and stop the suffering.”

Britt and other Republican lawmakers criticized Biden’s boasting about creating employment and the American economy being “the envy of the world” in his speech.

“A lot of the policy prescriptions that Joe Biden illuminated tonight are inflationary by nature,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., told Medill News Service. “Like, ‘I’m going to stop inflation by giving everybody an extra 400 bucks.’ I think that defies basic economic theory.”

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