NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – The Conservative Political Action Conference is known for its prominent conservative voices, views, and ideas. But there is another feature of the conference that makes it distinct: fashion.

Many CPAC attendees spared no expense in creating props and costumes to show off their political views.  They include media personalities with hundreds of thousands of followers online and fans of Donald Trump and his MAGA movement.

Natasha Owens is known for her song “Trump Won,” which champions the discredited claim that President Joe Biden stole the presidential election in 2020. (Jonah Elkowitz/MNS)

One CPAC attendee is a known singer among the Trump community. Famous for her song “Trump Won,” Natasha Owens is a contemporary Christian singer from Frisco, Texas. 

Owens said she started singing about her faith but realized that her music could impact the political world.  Owens encourages the Republican party to embrace music to spread its message.

“Music is so powerful,” she said. “Music can penetrate where words can’t.”

Blake Marnell, known as “brick suit,” poses for a portrait at CPAC 2024. (Jonah Elkowitz/MNS)

Blake Marnell, who goes by “Brick Suit,” is a Trump supporter from San Diego who came up with the idea in  2019 during a visit to Washington. The suit pays homage to Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Marnell said he wanted to wear something that stood out and  “trigger all the leftists [he] was going to meet in DC.” Since then, the fit stuck, and he has become known online by hundreds of thousands for his brick-themed blazer, pants, and tie.

Roberta Curtin poses for a portrait after discussing MAGA fashion. (Jonah Elkowitz/MNS)

Georgia resident Roberta Curtin merged her love for fashion with a passion for Donald Trump. Curtin has been sowing and designing outfits since she was 12 years old and uses crystals in her designs. At Trump rallies, she goes by “bling,” referring to her array of sparkly-looking clothes. 

At CPAC, Curtin wore a “MAGA” Luis Vuitton bag, a Trump-themed shirt, as well as a USA hat, all lined with crystals. This year, various sponsors helped put her outfit together, including gifting her with her bag, as well as providing her with t-shirts and other accessories.

Nicholas Umbs poses for a portrait at the Gaylord National Convention Center. (Jonah Elkowitz/MNS)

Nickolas Umbs, a frequent Trump rally attendee, tries to see Trump in person every chance he can. He has attended seven Trump rallies, and this marked his third visit to CPAC.  “It’s always great to see him and just see the energy,” he said. “Seeing [him] live in person versus seeing [him] on TV is a completely different experience”

Umbs took a homemade approach to his outfit this year, fastening together colonial buckles as well as a customized Trump pirate hat in addition to his “Here’s Donny” t-shirt, a spinoff from The Shinning.