SEABROOK, N.H. — Republican candidate Nikki Haley was visiting Brown’s Lobster Pound in Seabrook on Sunday when Ron DeSantis announced that he was suspending his campaign for the presidency.

“It’s now one fella and one lady left,” said Haley, to the gathering in the restaurant.

Aiden Neale, a high school junior from Amesbury, Mass., expressed his strong support for Haley. He said he planned to vote for her in the general election – his first chance at voting –  if she’s nominated.

“Well, our first female president would be nice, especially. I think it would also be really cool to have the Republicans get that credit,” said Neale. “And I’ve met all of the candidates and I like what she says the most.”

On Sunday evening, alongside Judge Judy and Governor Chris Sununu, Haley closed out the day with a rally in Exeter. 

With voters set to hit the polls in less than 24 hours, the Republican sentiment for both Haley and Former President Donald Trump becomes increasingly crucial.  

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