WASHINGTON — Spectators decked out in red and gold Sunday, lining D.C. Chinatown’s streets to watch a parade celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. 

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of D.C. partnered with the D.C. Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs to organize the event. Its participants included 40 different groups, including multiple Chinese schools, Chinese American Veterans and the Chinese Senior Citizen Association. 

It featured dragon dancing, martial arts and live music.

Miss Vietnam Ao Dai DMV made an appearance at the parade. (Joanna Hou/MNS)


The Washington Metropolitan Association of Chinese Schools was one of three represented at the march. (Joanna Hou/MNS)


Confetti from a dragon dance rained down on eager crowds. (Joanna Hou/MNS)


Several students performed their kung fu skills for eager crowds. (Joanna Hou/MNS)


Red and gold are traditional colors for Chinese New Year. Red represents good fortune and gold represents wealth. (Joanna Hou/MNS)


Chinese American WWII Veterans marched in the parade. (Joanna Hou/MNS)


The parade culminated with a dragon dance by the Jow Ga Shaolin Institute. (Joanna Hou/MNS)