WASHINGTON – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Joe Biden and his lawyers “did the right thing” by immediately turning over classified documents discovered in a Washington office he used after his vice presidency.  

Lawyers found the “small number” of documents Monday, and the Department of Justice is reviewing the matter, according to Jean-Pierre. The Press Secretary did not provide additional comment as to the nature of these documents.

“He takes classified documents and information very seriously. He was surprised to learned any records had been found” Jean-Pierre said. “His team is cooperating fully with the review.”

Jean-Pierre also said she would not comment on whether additional classified documents existed at any of Biden’s other offices. On Tuesday, NBC reported that aides found an additional batch of documents in a separate location from the first.

When asked whether the American people could trust the Biden administration given the nature of the discovery, Jean-Pierre said they could, given Biden’s immediate willingness and dedication to cooperate with the DOJ. “They did the right thing,” she said.

Today, however, Biden’s primary concern was First Lady Jill Biden, according to Jean-Pierre. The First Lady is undergoing an outpatient Mohs procedure due to a skin lesion found under her right eye.

“The First Lady’s procedure is proceeding well and as expected,” Jean-Pierre said. “This is about the President supporting his wife of 45 years.”