WASHINGTON — The People’s Convoy, also known as the “Freedom Convoy,” reached the D.C. area Sunday morning, looping twice around the Capital Beltway.

About 1,000 vehicles participated, according to The Washington Post.

Inspired by the Canadian freedom convoy protests and blockades, the convoy set out from California on February 23 towards Washington, D.C., demanding the COVID-19 emergency declaration be lifted.

“That all mandates be lifted,” said Mike Smith, a truck driver from Ohio who says he’s planning to stay with the convoy for as long as possible. “This is ridiculous.”

With most states either lifting or easing mask mandates, however, the convoy’s demands have become less clear.

“It doesn’t really make any sense because the mask mandate is ending,” said Jason Gorman, a counter protester from Maryland.

Attendees also raised concerns over the southern border, rising gas prices, critical race theory and corruption of science.

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