The results for the first primary in the nation are due tonight. Most polling locations opened at 7am and close at 7pm. Follow along for updates from New Hampshire.

Feb. 11, 2020 – 8:28 p.m.
Olivia Olander

MANCHESTER, N.H. — At Sen. Bernie Sanders’ election night rally in New Hampshire, longtime supporters turned out to see the candidate speak on a night when he’s expected to emerge victorious.

With 23% reporting, the Vermont senator is in the lead with 27.7% of the vote. He was also a leader in recent polls, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Manchester resident Kate Peters, 37, brought her young daughter to Sanders’ rally and is pregnant with a due date in a few weeks. She voted for him today and in 2016 “to be a good example,” she said.

Peters said she’s hoping for a different outcome than last election cycle.

“There’s a more powerful wave of progressive change in response to President Trump, so I’m hopeful that culturally we’re ready for a big shift,” she said.

Despite the number of committed Sanders supporters at his rally, a CNN exit poll says nearly half of New Hampshire voters decided on their candidate in the few days leading up to the election. In contrast, a quarter of voters decided soon before the election in 2016.