MANCHESTER, N.H. — Every four years, presidential hopefuls swarm the small state of New Hampshire, home to the nation’s first primary, And to its diners, where they must do what politicians do best: mingle.

From pancake breakfasts to hamburgers to-go, diners serve as a home for politicians in search of local voters. These four diners in particular have become hotspots for superstitious presidential candidates, who believe they have to visit the eateries to win.

Events are often held in the restaurant’s Pappas Room, named after the owner, Arthur Pappas. His son, Chris Pappas, was recently elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)The Puritan Backroom specializes in homemade ice cream, conveniently available at a to-go window outside the restaurant. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)Freezers holding the Backroom’s homemade ice cream. They have nearly three dozen flavors including their locally famous Mudslide.  (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)Half of the restaurant is dedicated to a to-go area, offering the same menu as its sit-down section. Politicians have chosen to go to either side, either for an ice cream to-go, like Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla, or a sit-down meal with voters, like Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS).Pappas displays a picture of himself and Jeb Bush after a visit to the restaurant during the 2016 election. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)The Red Arrow Diner, open 24 hours, has served breakfast all-day since 1922. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)Newspaper clippings about the diner and pictures of famous visitors hang along the walls. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)The diner’s mascots, “Moe” and “Dinah.” (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)Red Arrow’s Manchester location is a popular spot for politicians to campaign to win the New Hampshire primary. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)MaryAnn’s remains open during a snowstorm. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)MaryAnn’s Diner is family owned. The Derry location is run by the owner’s daughter. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)The restaurant pays homage to its well-known visitors through its wall of framed photos of famous diners including Bill Clinton, John McCain, Barbara Bush, and Ivanka Trump. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)1950s decor has filled the restaurant’s walls since it opened in 1989. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)To go along with its vintage vibe, MaryAnn’s is complete with a jukebox. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)The Tilt’n Diner’s roadside sign in Tilton, New Hampshire. (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)The interior has playful decor and used to have an ATM machine with a sign that read “NOT 2 B USED 4 BRIBING POLITICIANS.” Charlotte Walsh/MNS)At the hostess station, diners can hula-hoop while waiting for a seat. The servers’ shirts have diner puns like “Give up carbs? Over my bread body.” (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)A sign pointing in the direction of a buffet with cakes, pies and ice cream.  (Charlotte Walsh/MNS)

Puritan Backroom Restaurant – Manchester

The Puritan Backroom was a popular place for politicians to hold rallies, meet and greets and even serve drinks long before the owner’s son, Rep. Chris Pappas, D-N.H., was elected to Congress this year.

Arthur Pappas said politicians began coming to his restaurant, which first opened in Manchester in 1917, because it is a well-liked spot for Manchester residents to munch on chicken tenders, burgers and the restaurant’s own homemade ice cream.

“People want to come to where the people are,” Pappas said. “We have a history of being a place to stop by. You need to come if you want to win.”

He said 2004 Democratic candidate John Kerry once started bartending at one of his events, and Hillary Clinton held all of her 2016 Manchester events at the Puritan Backroom, including a rally in the parking lot. The owner added that he liked that 2016 Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio came in with only his family to meet residents, leaving security and staff behind.

Pappas said when he really likes a candidate, he invites them to his house for dinner. He said so far this election season, he’s invited Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., because he seems like a “regular guy.”

“We’re so spoiled. We get to meet all these people first,” Pappas said. “It’s neverending now. There’s no end to the political season.”

Red Arrow Diner – Manchester

What do former President Barack Obama, chef Guy Fieri, comedian Adam Sandler and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta have in common? They’ve all been to the Red Arrow, where a large bell is rung for each first-time customer.

The tiny diner is made up of only a bar and six booths, but has been a staple of the New Hampshire political scene for years — even being featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” the Guy Fieri cooking show.

Ellen, a waitress who declined to give her last name, has worked at the restaurant for over 13 years. She said it’s “crazy” when a presidential candidate comes to eat — in addition to the candidate, his security team, staff and reporters will crowd the tiny space. Her favorite candidate? Obama.

“He looked you in the eye, not over you or through you,” she said.

The diner commemorates its impressive guest list, framing photos of the diners in front of the bar and puttng name plaques on the stools where they sat. Pictures of 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Obama, and comedians Sandler and Sarah Silverman line the walls. It’s one of the few New Hampshire establishments open 24 hours, serving its full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner all day.

MaryAnn’s Diner – Derry

With 1950’s-inspired decorations, poodle skirt-wearing waitresses and a real jukebox, MaryAnn’s Restaurant in the small town of Derry is a magnet for politicians — as shown from the mass of framed photos displaying politicians dining at their establishment covering one wall. The restaurant has ample space — perfect for a crowd of supporters— and a vast menu with everything from egg plates to cocktails.

General manager Christina Andreoli said the tradition began when a campaign staffer asked for a recommendation from the New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

“They just started coming,” she said.

Andreoli said she likes the free advertising politicians bring, although sometimes it can get “insane.” She has worked at MaryAnn’s for over 30 years, and has met everyone from President Bill Clinton to 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie, whom she called “really nice.”

The Tilt’n Diner – Tilton

The Tilt’n Diner, north of many of the major hubs in the state, has become a pit stop for presidential candidates on their way to vacations at Lake Winnipesaukee. John McCain, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden and Mitt Romney have all dropped in to dine, the restaurant manager said. So many dropped in that the owners, local restaurant group Common Man, once installed a novelty ATM that dispenses money stamped with a bold message in red ink: ‘NOT 2 B USED 4 BRIBING POLITICIANS.’

No 2020 candidates have shown up yet. Democratic candidate John Delaney, a former Maryland congressman, scheduled a visit, but had to cancel last-minute. The manager also said President Donald Trump scheduled a visit in 2016, but did not show because the diner would not shut down entirely for his security.

With a vintage feel, the busy diner houses some funky decor, from a hula hoop station at the host stand to the “10 Commandments of Diners” painted on the walls. And the food’s not too bad, either.