MOS Pre-Debate Opinions from Medill Washington 2 on Vimeo.

WASHINGTON — Monday  marks the first presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Tourists outside the White House Monday are from the District of Columbia to Denmark, and  each expects something from the debate.

Rocky Twyman, who said he was an activist in the 1960s Civil Rights movement, said police brutality should be on the agenda.

“This is a very critical debate. I think Donald Trump is the modern day Hitler and it is absolutely frightening. We just pray that Hillary will have her A game on tonight,” Twyman said.

Meanwhile, Trump supporter Jeremy Hoffman hopes the Republican nominee discusses topics like gun control policy rather than Clinton’s email scandals.

“I’d like to see Trump stick to the issues versus all the scandals. I think he’s done enough to discredit Hillary Clinton,” Hoffman said.

Like millions of people, Denmark native Laura Kristiansen will tune in to hear how each candidate plans to lead the country.

“So I’m hoping for actual political content, and not attacking each other for the different things they think the other person said wrong,” Kristiansen said. “So I’m hoping they’ll actually have a political debate about what they want to do for the country.”